The Upward Climb

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Guest Post at Think Lake County Blog

by Sheila Consaul

At Fairport Harbor West, we don’t really call it Spring or Summer, but rather “Lighthouse Season.” That’s when the weather warms up enough to make the trek across Mentor Headlands Beach, up the break wall and into the lighthouse. It usually begins with opening the lighthouse from its long winter’s nap, which includes removing and storing the interior storm windows, cleaning and re-installing the screens in the upper level windows and generally checking the place for whatever Old Man Winter may have left behind. Fortunately, 2015 saw little damage, attesting to the lighthouse’s incredibly solid construction and a few patches we made to the roof in 2012. At the beginning of each Lighthouse Season, I take the opportunity to reflect on how much renovation has taken place since I first purchased the lighthouse in 2011. Fortunately, the list of “Completed” is now longer than the list of “To Do,” which is a great feeling. And I laugh when people ask me when the lighthouse renovations will be “Done,” because – like any 90 year old home – there will always be things that need attention.

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